Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ten (and a failure)

I'm not waiving a white flag yet or anything like that. But I tried to bake my first loaf and ended up with a pretty dense loaf, that although it tasted fairly good, obviously didn't rise enough.

I can think of a few problems.

#1 My stand mixer broke halfway through the mixing. And I was in a rush and skipped the second half of the kneading.

#2 I did not quite leave enough time for a full second proof.

#3 I have not been feeding my starter.

After all of this, why did I even bake the bread. Honestly, the boule unbaked looked okay. It was fairly smooth. It just wasn't really rising, and seemed kind of heavy for it's size.

I am going to feed my starter now and let you know what happens...

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